What's in A Bumpy Path?

Well, there's lots! A Bumpy Path began in July, 2007, and though it had a slow start, it began to grow and grow not long after. The post entries are easy to find here, either by month, or by topic category.

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Featured Posts

The most viewed, most commented, most popular posts. They are posts from all the topics, going back to when A Bumpy Path started.

General Comments

Sometimes, there's just no way to categorize what I write about, so this is my general category that is a place for those posts to be.

Get to Know Yourself

Psychology is great, but not if nobody can understand it. Here you'll find articles about perception, self-perception, and all the things that can help you understand yourself and others.

How To...

All the how to articles from saving image files in the correct format to helping someone who is depressed.

Life Issues

These articles focus on the things life can throw at you, with practical ways to deal with them.

Monthly Highlights

A short recap of the month's entries, with links to highlighted articles of interest.

On a Horse

Insightful, practical articles about horses, how they behave, a few how to's, and the role a horse can play in your life.


Don't we all have one? Well, here's all of mine, and the list keeps growing! Rants, raves and reviews.


A list of posts with my photography as the highlight. I love my camera!

About A Bumpy Path

Hi, I'm Theresa Komor, author of A Bumpy Path.

What you will find here are articles to help you and I realize the potential we have to live a good life.

I started this blog in the summer of 2007 as a way to document the steps of my own path to finding honest and true meaning in my life. I read constantly, so I dug out all my psychology books to mine for ideas and insight. From all this reading, I compiled a list of things that, in order to live a good life, we need to:
  • Become open and less defensive.
  • Live each moment fully, becoming more aware.
  • Trust ourselves more.
  • Realize our freedom of choice.
  • Be creative and constructive.
  • Be reliable and responsible.
  • Intensely live a full life of joy and pain, love and heartbreak, fear and courage.
  • Stretch and grow, fulfilling our potential.
I found that I also want to renew my love of learning and writing, and it seems that one doesn't happen without the other. Writing helps process and integrate what's learned; and if you can write about it, it's proof that learning did happen. Blogging is a great way to share too! Learning about honesty and meaning may be a lifelong journey for you and I, and I'm glad for the company. So, dive in! The water's warm!

The essays will be broken down into general topic categories, with links in the sidebar for each. Along with 'Get to Know Yourself' articles (freedom of choice, being in the moment), I include topics about Life Issues (listening skills and depression), Opinions about current events (recession, UFOs and Iraq), General Comments, Photography, and Horses (my moments with Odin). All articles, in one way or another, relate to living a rich, full life.

I have a Master's Degree with emphases in Education, Counseling Psychology and Social Work. I am a writer, college instructor, counselor, advisor, musician, Web site designer and horseman. I enjoy a quiet life of living in a remote area in north-central Arkansas.

So, let me know what you think. All comments are welcome here! I will respond as soon and as much as possible. Send me an email!

Thanks for reading!


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