What's in A Bumpy Path?

Well, there's lots! A Bumpy Path began in July, 2007, and though it had a slow start, it began to grow and grow not long after. The post entries are easy to find here, either by month, or by topic category.

Posts by Month

Posts by Topic

Featured Posts

The most viewed, most commented, most popular posts. They are posts from all the topics, going back to when A Bumpy Path started.

General Comments

Sometimes, there's just no way to categorize what I write about, so this is my general category that is a place for those posts to be.

Get to Know Yourself

Psychology is great, but not if nobody can understand it. Here you'll find articles about perception, self-perception, and all the things that can help you understand yourself and others.

How To...

All the how to articles from saving image files in the correct format to helping someone who is depressed.

Life Issues

These articles focus on the things life can throw at you, with practical ways to deal with them.

Monthly Highlights

A short recap of the month's entries, with links to highlighted articles of interest.

On a Horse

Insightful, practical articles about horses, how they behave, a few how to's, and the role a horse can play in your life.


Don't we all have one? Well, here's all of mine, and the list keeps growing! Rants, raves and reviews.


A list of posts with my photography as the highlight. I love my camera!

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