Off-the-Wall Solution to the War in Iraq

I was just watching the TV show called "House". Have you seen it? I don't care for the show this season because the characterizations of the main roles are so far off in left field that they are no longer believable. I couldn't sit through the whole episode. It got me thinking: What if some people, especially "powerful people" and their puppet politicians, behave the way 'Dr. House' behaves? It's gruesomely easy to imagine, isn't it?

I've never known someone who was considered "rich". I knew this one man who called himself a Tennessee hillbilly that came close; he grossed a million dollars a year on his truck stop roadhouse he owned, and because he had a pretty expensive wife who wouldn't divorce him, he and his mistress lived pretty simply. I suppose he became a master at hiding his 'riches'. This man was one of those types that were nasty beyond belief - unless you stood up to him and refused to take his crap. If you earned his respect, he was the most wonderful person, genuinely so, and you had a true friend. Sadly, he was killed when a tire blew on the dump truck he was driving, it rolled and cut him in half at the same time the planes were flying into the World Trade Center on 9/11. For the sake of this discussion, I've known other men who were caught up in their power trips that acted like asses too, until you stood up to them and subsequently earned their respect. If you don't earn their respect, they just escalate their crappy behavior and mistreatment of you until you find a way to escape them.

Let's just say that these jackasses are the 10% of the population that has 90% of the wealth, and let's just say that it's the same in every country on Earth. For the sake of argument. The politicians are just the idiot puppets that think they can bask in the wake of that "power" by sucking up to them. 10% of the population seems like a pretty easy number to deal with, doesn't it? They need to be stood up to and knocked off their high horses, wouldn't you say?

I think of the US military and their families and how tough it is on them during deployments. Then, I think of all the day-to-day families, the 90% of the population in Iraq who are trying to live day-to-day in insane conditions because of the idiot antics the 10% and politicians are pulling. We can't blame the Iraqi populace any more than we can blame the US soldiers for what is actually going on in Iraq.

What I propose as a solution to the whole damned mess is to ship that 10% of the population that holds 90% of the wealth along with their puppy-dog politicians off to some place isolated to pull their power plays on each other, duke it out on their own, and leave the rest of us alone! Shoot, they have the money to erect a habitable dome on the moon and get there, and that sounds like a plan to me.

Then the rest of us can live.

Now, which presidential candidate would support this idea?