Teaching an old dog new tricks and all that

Patience is man's best virtue.  Yeah? Well, thank God I'm a woman. I'm not a very patient woman either. It irks me that things just aren't coming to me as quickly as I want them to.

What am I talking about?  This new camera, of course. I've taken a few really nice photos with it, by my average of good photos to bad photos is ...not so good.  It's an uphill battle on a bumpy path. 


It's the little things...

I'm not a giggly, girly, flowery type person. Not by any means.  I'm more comfortable in the barn, getting dirty from head to toe.  But, give me a good camera and my eye sees things I never knew existed before. The camera freezes and captures a moment that later gives the eye something far more beautiful and existential than can be noticed walking by.  See more wondrous shots at Out in the Back Yard