Awareness Perspective

This evening, I witnessed yet another sunset that took my breath away. It was alive, in motion, changing constantly to give endless beauty and awe. In those moments, no thoughts, worries, muses, distractions existed. Looking up into the vast panorama that is the evening sky brought me to realize not only wonder, but the knowledge that, yes indeed, all is one.

That beautiful sunset was shared with every living thing under it. The 'picture' itself may be different from various vantage points, though I imagine that any vision was as beautiful as the one I witnessed. I became one with all, and I was not alone. Looking up into the sky does that.

As incomprehensible as infinity is, it is uniting. The beauty of a sunset is a signal that infinity is just beyond, giving our senses a way to perceive what lies beyond the limitations of our senses and comprehension; beyond the mundane.