Thou shalt not kill.

What part of that is hard to understand? That statement, that command, is included in every single religion on Earth! Are human beings so stupid that they have to be told this one, simple, black/white thing over and over?

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  1. Yes, they are human. As humans they are given chance after chance if they seek it. People are the one thing that are truly difficult to understand. Its eazy for them way to eazy on the things in every day life. But made hard on the things that quite simply put should be eaziest for us. Take fishing for instance got to have a licence for that, driving, same their, hunting, pretty much the same. But any dumb, neglectful human being can have a baby. What for??? Someone, somewhere, didn't give the licence thing, or the thought thing much attention. Well it is America, the land of the Free---"unless we the gov. can find a way to get our hands on a little peice of it." And maybe I'm just disking our gov. b/c they suck??? Maybe... this is america---the only place were a pizza will get to your house before an ambulance will..