Be Careful of What You Wish For

In the office of a small town mayor, a man dressed in a business suit - tall, attractive, graying hair and a Bluetooth in his ear - walked by me. I shuddered, goose bumps rose up on my arms, I clamped my eyes shut and was more than a little glad that he was out of my sight when I opened them again. It was a classic case of "the creeps". My friend tells me she had the same reaction to the man, then tells me of a book she read that said rape victims almost always ignore these feelings of danger.

Experiencing this case of "the creeps" reminded me of the first time I saw our current president on TV. I had that same reaction! The next election can't come soon enough for me. The primaries are ramping up, and I am happy to say that I have not had "the creeps" while watching any of the candidates on TV.

The next election can't come soon enough for me - and for the rest of the country! The drop in the value of the dollar in the world economy is a slap-in-the-face indication of the prophesied downfall of US hegemony that directly effects the way of life for the general populace. Look at the price of crude; it will go over $100 per barrel soon if it hasn't already. The poo rolls downhill from there.

This current president was elected on the premise that people believed he was the type of person you could belly up to a bar with, and he does what he says. Sorry, bellying up to a bar is not a trait that I consider a quality a president should have! I would rather someone far more serious and dedicated than a barfly. It would also help if he were able to speak in complete sentences before I'd determine he does what he says. I won't mention the fact that he was not elected by popular vote, or how he has not been brought up on charges of lying to the country about why we are in Iraq. I guess it's not as important as sex.

On the ballot this time around is the first female presidential candidate. She is very intelligent, knowledgeable, capable, with a good set of cajones. As president, she would show the world that the US is not ready to roll over and play dead. But, as my friend reminded me, she is married to the president that engaged in illicit sex and lied about it. Instead of leaving him, which my friend believes she should have done, she stayed married. My friend believes that this is sending a message to women that they should put up with the treatment their husbands dish out, no matter how wrong it may be, and she does not want her daughters to grow up with that kind of message. I can't say that I share her opinion, but I can't ignore it either.

It's time for a major change. It's time for everyone to wake up and take part in this. It's time to take the time to get educated about the issues and decide where to stand on them. This country is in one hell of a mess.

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  1. Oh now T! Bush isnt that bad, hes just not at all articulate and that bugs you like someone who cant spell for chit. Look what we had as a alternative! Kerry? Pleeease....we would have to look at Herman Munster for 4 or more years! Not to mention an ultra wealthy Mass jackass whos long been eating high on the hog out of that silver spoon and supposedly representing the "little guy" by being in the Democratic party! NOT!
    Hillary has balls? What kind of smoke are you doping? I want some! She didnt have enough backbone to dump that POS that humiliated her WORLDWIDE! and you call that balls? Forget about the bad message she is sending to all abused, battered, and cheated on women i.e. "Just stand by your man baby, and one day you might even be rewarded by getting to be PRESIDENT!" GAGAMAGGOT! NOPE Hill-arious is not for me! Im hoping to get the chance to get to vote for the Huck! Its about time we put someone in the Whitehouse that is a ROLE MODEL. ( a good one)