Case in Point

....or Perpetuated Screwiness. Same difference...

A friend's daughter is a knock-out at 14 years old; popular in school, athletic, smart, and nice. She's also the kind of kid that will bring home stray dogs and cats, and loves the ugliest ones the most. Needless to say and true to form, she was attracted to a "problem child" of a boy in school, a parent's worst nightmare. But this nightmare goes above and beyond the typical of too long hair, pierced body parts, tattoos, low grades, etc.

Mom and Dad's introduction to this boy is in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart where he just happened to be. Mom makes the mistake of pointing out how all guys seem to fall over themselves to stare at her daughter, and the boy immediately puffs up and goes into a tirade: "Anyone looks at her while I'm here will get the sh*t beat out of 'em. Give me a gun and I'll blow the fothermucker's away..." The language worsened the more he wound himself up.

The warning flags have already flown in earnest, but Mom and Dad decided to let the boy visit at their farm. The boy decides to entertain Dad by explaining how he wants to start a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan because, he adamantly says, all "niggers" should die. He'll shoot them or hang them or slice them up. Any potential this boy had dried up in that instant in Dad's mind, and his foot comes down. His daughter is not allowed to have anything to do with this boy ever again. Dad only sees a racist, homicidal maniac, someone far from worthy of his daughter's attentions.

One of daughter's good friends is a black girl that happens to live next door to the problem child of a boy. The two girls are spending the night at grandma's house, and the boy shows up on a dirt bike to rev and rev and spin donuts in the church parking lot across the street in the middle of the night. He calls girlfriend's cell phone and swears at her and threatens her to put daughter on the phone right now. Boy is gone when Mom and Dad arrive, and they use girlfriend's phone to call the boy. "You want some of me fothermucker?" he says to Dad, "Bring it on! I'll take you, I ain't afraid of you, I've beat up adults before, fothermucker, and I'll take you on right now..."

Next day, problem child's mother calls Mom and launches into the same tirade of abusive language and threats. "You messin' with my boy? I'll take care of you, b*tch." Mom tells her to call her back when she isn't drunk, and she says, "Drunk? I ain't drunk! I'm a squaw. You hear me, I'm squaw!"

Next morning, Mom and Dad find their mailbox destroyed. The evidence found suggests that the mother drove her problem child over to commit his act of vandalism. They notify the Sheriff's Department and head to the school to talk to them about making sure their kids are safe. Turns out there's a long history of problems with this boy and his mother, the boy's father is in prison, and the mother has also threatened to beat up everyone at the school too, especially since the boy now is in an alternative school setting. The apple don't fall from the tree.

The last few days have been quiet, and Mom and Dad and daughter and family are hoping that they've seen the end of the ridiculous drama - so they can sleep again.

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