Winter's SAD

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about Seasonal Affective Disorder, what it is and what to do to help you make it through the winter. Well, it seems like I should be taking my own advice! This last week has been a bit of a blue one for me.

So, I reread what I wrote to see what I'd forgotten to do to ward off the blues. I have the curtains and blinds wide open, but we've had a cloudy sky all week. It's been pretty cold too, so I've only been going outside long enough to feed the horse. Ooo boy, have I ever been craving those starches! Um, I've been avoiding the scale.

I don't anticipate this blue mood lasting for very long. I may be blue, but I'm still positive (a-hem). Now that the days are getting longer, it can't be too much longer before good weather comes. And I saw a robin yesterday! This morning, the water hose wasn't frozen! All very good signs, don't you think?

How have things been going for you? Have you seen positive signs? How have you been weathering the winter?

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