All People Are Good

The most beautiful as well as the most ugly inclinations of man are not part of a fixed biologically given human nature, but result from the social process which creates man.
~~ Erich Fromm

I'm a person that believes that, inherently, all people are good. Bad things happen to good people. Good people sometimes do bad things. But, all people are good. Here is the basis for that belief:

Instincts alone cause a bird to fly south for the winter, hunt for food and reproduce. It's the same year after year, generation after generation with very little variation. The bird as a species adapts to environmental changes, or it dies off. The same can be said about every living thing - except man.

In it, but not of it...

Mammal, fowl, reptile, plant, even bacteria all live in complete harmony with the planet Earth. Each species depends on other species and all depend on the Earth for life. As if by accident, man appears on Earth - he is in it, but not of it. If one or a thousand other species die out, it has no effect on man's ability to continue on. But, what man as a species can do and has done has a large impact on all other life. Ignorance or irresponsibility, the result is the same.

Humans lack the relative instinctual regulation to adapt to changes in his environment. What developed instead is awareness. Man is aware of himself as an individual as well as a species. He can remember the past, imagine the future, and record both as symbols. He can reason, understand; he can be bored and discontent. Most of all, he can create. He knows that he will die. He can live because he knows there is unlimited potential in every moment - meaning.

A part of the human species, he is apart. This is frightening, this aloneness, so he seeks to add his individuality to the community, fulfilling his need to belong, to be accepted. The strength of the species lies in each individual, though this truth eludes those who find it easier to believe in a power that transcends him rather than believe in himself. It is each individual's responsibility to realize that he alone can productively create a meaningful life.

The strength, the power of man, is in each individual. Every human is born good, creative, understanding and reasoning. Each human is filled with potential and creativity. It will take each individual to realize this power to correct mankind's "ugly inclinations" and come to realize that the Garden of Eden is right here under his feet: Earth.

It will take courage. It's a daunting task to become responsible, self-realizing, and aware. But, every person is born with potential and creativity; with goodness.

Let it will out.

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  1. This Theresa, is way to deep for some they shy away, avoid, ignor, or even curse at. Why b/c you are absolutily correct. People are cowardly, until something relates to them, most people are so wrapped up in unimportant shit. They dont even realize themselves. Man kind is truly pothetic. People don't realize who they have to think sometimes, most times. And that is what is truley sad. Their are some many irrisponsible people here on earth. WE strive some of us we try our best to say, or do what we can to help. As people we try to fix, what we can. And some of it is deffinitly of our hands. Some lazy bastards could give 2 craps less, parden French... But most just refuse to give it any thought, look the other way while no one stand up for what they think... so much easier that way. Well folks when it gets worse and you wonder why. Don't!!! Do us all a favor and save that brain cell it took to wonder the thought. People now more than ever should pull,band,together stand up for what you beleive or disbeleive-in an let others Know "we are or arent for this or that." Give it a thought geees give something a thought..NOT like anyone ask you to cut off a limb... Opinions are free for now. We keep up we'll pay for voicing them as well as everthing else we own, but we never get paid for. This is America The Land of The "GREEDEY."And thats all I have to say about that.