NCAApHC: Everyone's Horse Club

North Central Arkansas Appaloosa Horse Club

NCAApHC is a horse show club that strives to create a friendly, warm, open show experience for all horse owners, no matter what breed of horse they have. No fancy show clothes or equipement required! The purpose of the club is to offer a show that puts the emphasis on the horse and rider. Money-back Jackpot classes are offered in order to offset the high cost of showing, and a new club member point system that emphasizes accomplishments is in place. The area's first working ranch/trail classes and halter classes for all breeds are included with the traditional Western Pleasure and HUS classes, etc. to round out the showbill. There really is something for everyone!

Here's how the club President describes it:

NCAApHC prides itself on our all inclusive show program. We really do offer something for everyone. Also setting us apart from other horse show venues is our commitment to prize money for our participants. With the rising costs of fuel just to get to the shows along with the increasing costs of feed, hay, shoeing and general upkeep of our horses, we feel it's more important than ever to provide an affordable way to exhibit our horses. We have a user friendly show bill that appeals to those who wish to showcase their horses' finished talents as well as those that are still working on their horses' training.

I hope you take the time to poke around on our web site and see what we are all about. Come on in and stay awhile. Or better yet, join the club and share this exciting, innovating club as a member. We would love to have you!

For me, this club is great. I've never really had much interest in showing, nor do I own a show horse. Odin is QH/Percheron, what some would call a "sport horse", and most shows cater to registered, purebred horses instead. I've often said I would love a way to get feedback from other horse people on how Odin and I get along together and on our training accomplishments, and this club offers just that. I'm really looking forward to our first show, and I'll be sure to write about it here! The club plans to offer educational workshops, training clinics and charitable events when the show season is over.

I invite everyone to check out the NCAApHC web site and join us at our shows. And come with an empty stomach. We always have the best BBQ pork sandwiches!

Thanks for reading!

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