Peaceful Easter and Life Changes

Happy Easter!

It's a quiet day around here; it's sunny, cool, and everyone is napping peacefully. I wish everyone everywhere could experience this same peace, within and without.

The other day, I hinted at major changes. The good news is that I found my "dream job" and started last Tuesday, March 18. I am now a copy editor for a medium sized newspaper. Writing is now my life. I couldn't be happier! There's a lot to learn and even more to experience.

As always seems to happen, there has to be a few things that happen to remind me to keep at least a toe on the ground while floating around on Cloud 9. On the way home on my first day, I deer ran into the side of my truck and caught the flare around the back wheel well. Luck was with me (not so sure about the deer though) and there's only a little 2 inch ding to show for it. Then Friday, I was pulled over and given a ticket for expired tags. C'est la vie.

Interest was compounded by Odin, who decided his pasture wasn't where he wanted to be all week. Yesterday morning, the Sheriff pulls in to tell me I am now on the list of folks that don't contain their livestock. Boo. We ran new wire that restored the jolt to the electric fence, and hopefully, that will do the trick. Odin hasn't touched the fence yet, but I think he can tell it's working at optimum levels again.

Saki and Hero run the house. Literally. These two wondrous little pups have discovered the joys of human life and mark their territory constantly. It smells like a puppy farm in here.

March 29 is NCAApHC's first horse show of the year. Rumor has it that a lot of people plan to attend. This show will be the first time the club has speed events, and it will be exciting and fun.

While I adjust to giving up my long afternoon naps, posts may be a bit erratic in coming. But, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I guess Odin's idea of optimum volts going through the electric fence and mine are different - he got out again, and the Sheriff stopped by again. I just spent the majority of the day running more wire and walking the entire line yet again to see if there were any spots being grounded. I led Odin the entire time, juggling the roll of wire, the bag of insulators and his rope. Ah well. I'll sleep good tonight.

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