My, How Puppies Grow!

On March 13, I brought these two home, and already, you can see how much they've grown!

Saki (top) is quite fearless. He will not take into account his size when it comes to walking right up to anything. Yesterday, he walked right up to both big dogs, wagging his tail and sniffing all over them. And he was right on their heels when they walked away from him. It didn't matter that yesterday was the first time he'd ever had his paws on Mother Earth.

Hiro is fearless as well, though he's a little more conservative in his approach to new things. He sits back and watches for a few moments, then digs in. I watched him run full tilt while outside and belly flopped when there suddenly wasn't any ground under his feet. It didn't stop him though. He wasn't quite as interested in the big dogs as Saki was, but he was the first to discover sticks and plants.

Both pups seem intensely aware of everything around them. They play hard and sleep soundly. It didn't take them long to figure out that Jake growls and barks, but doesn't bite. They've taken to teasing Jake. It's funny to watch.

When I get home from work, I'm greeted by the big dogs outside, and they'll get Odin running to greet me too. The cats will run to me from all directions, and then when I get up to the door, I can hear Hiro and Saki yipping away. When I come in, they're jumping at my legs and yipping and their tails are wagging. I get this huge welcome every day. It's the greatest feeling.

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