Spring Forward!

I don't know what it is about the change to Daylight Saving Time ("saving" not "savings" according to this article), but once I learn that it's time to change the clocks forward, I start getting Spring fever. It's time for the grass to grow, leaves to come out on trees, animals to shed and ride horses!

Aside from the excitement, I learned some of the history. Daylight Saving Time was first used during WWI and then again in WWII to save energy. In 1966, it became permanent for all states except Arizona, and the latest four week extension was put in place as a way to reduce the amount of energy used by businesses.

Since this extension just happened in 2007, your computer may not be up to date. Microsoft has a Daylight Saving Time Help and Support page to help you correct it.

Spring is coming! I'm ready!


  1. Hawaii doesn't observe it either, another reason to love the islands.

    I despise daylight saving time in PA, it's so dark and cold and all we want to do is hibernate :( I'm so glad it's over now.

  2. I know, I don't care for winters either. Notice how it doesn't take long to adjust to the time change in the spring, even though you lost an hour?