Tornado aftermath: cleanup

The Day After the Tornado

Top photo: The Carlisle, AR fire station. The mayor said he believes it will have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch because of bent support beams.

Photo 2: Of all the photos I took, this one shows the severity of the tornado. It had to have been a monster to pull that tree up by that huge root system. This home was in the area of town hardest hit.

Photo 3: The power company subcontracts tree services to clear out the downed trees after they say it's safe and before the new lines go up.

Photo 4: A landmark building, an old Esso gas station converted to a coffee shop. Since the power was still out, the shop wasn't open today.


  1. I like the picture of the entergy worker in the cherry picker working on the power lines. It's a really good picture, It would have been wonderful had the sky been a bit of a darker blue...

    I need to update my blog, I haven't done it in a LONG time, lol... of course I only do it about once a year, but a lot has happened since I updated earlier this year, so I think it's about time to update and add some new photos to mine... I might write something tonight when I get home and just post it when I get back to work tomorrow morning.

  2. You have a LOT of good stuff you can put on a blog, Jaron! I'm sure it would be an instant hit! You should do it!