Thanks to All Ecard Droppers

I'd like to thank all you Entrecard Droppers for finding me on Maitri's Dragonfly Cottage today and layin' your drop on me. All your visits have helped me reach a goal with this blog, and the stats have gone through the roof. I hope you'll spend some time looking around, seeing what's here. I hope to see you back again!

And a big thank you and linklove to all my "regular," top droppers:
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The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing
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  1. Wow! I was JUST about to write a thank-you post to my EC regulars too. In fact I am almost done but I have to head out to the pool right now. [I said "had to" like it's a chore to have fun splashing around in the new pool with my beloved. I am a geek.]

    I'll finish it up this evening though. Thanks for the link love! Much appreciated! LOVE dropping by here you know!

    Droppin' by,

  2. Hey now, don't *work* too hard splashin' in the pool, now!

    Thanks for droppin' by, Samsara!


  3. Many Hours Later: It was sheer torture.

    All that fun really has to be hazardous.

  4. You spent the entire day in the pool?!?! You must look like a prune! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Samsara. Just think: Next weekend is a long weekend, and you can really get wrinkled up!


  5. NOooooo...not the entire day. I just got back to *internetting* and decided [that many hours later] ta let ya know. Heh!

    I made beloved watch "Creep Show" cause I had never seen it before. It's kinda corny. But before that we took a ride in the golf cart and before that we had pizza and before that I had a nice shower...

    It's been a good day. It's the first day he's been pain free [relatively] in three weeks or so. [His back gained a pain after a weekend he laid sod around our new pool. The grass started doing great; HE's the one who fell apart.] :\

  6. Ah, you enjoyed the fruits of his labor! I bet he'll say it is well worth the pain. (I know how that feels!)

    It does sound like a rewarding, wonderful day.