Today's Photos


  1. Nice photos .

    I used to have a cat identical to the great Ginger in the top picture . Brilliant cat who lived to 21 . I cried like a baby when he had to go .

  2. Hi Jim,

    That's Dusty, and he was born on March 17, Saint Patrick's Day! I raised him, his sister Patches (the calico) and another brother I call Tux in the house. They had been going outside a little over a week when they discovered my son's car. I had my camera out when Dusty tried to climb up the windshield to get on the roof of the car and ended up on the rear view mirror. I was laughing and lucky the photo came out!

    I'm seriously attached to all my animals, and imagine I will also cry hard when any of them pass on. Especially Odin, my horse.

    I hope you enjoyed the photos! They are all my "family."