July: What a Month it Was

Here it is almost 11 p.m. and it's still 86 degrees.  We're looking for the first week of August to run well over 100 degrees every day. I'm wilting!  I guess I'll just have to stay inside and blog.

Here's my list of frequent visitors and highlights of July...

Frequent Visitors

July Highlights

A Bumpy Path celebrated a year of blogging existence, and I talked about the growing pains, the struggles and what did and didn't work in Milestones of a Year of Blogging.

Sharpen Your Thinking looks at the power of thought and thinking and offers ways to improve your clarity.

I talked about a childhood memory, an excursion into adventure with my cousin John in A Lesson in Fear.  I sure do miss that boy.

Camera in hand, I was able to capture a little story in photos in A Tail in the Sky.  I love this Canon!

There's nothing more misleading and troubling than to run into illnesses or conditions that just don't exist. It's all a scam! Someone is looking to cash in on convincing you of a condition that you don't have. I talk about the pseudo Internet Addiction Disorder in You May Be Crazy If... 

Rounding out the month is an article about understanding the simplicity and complexity of a common human behavior in What's Behind the Lies.

I 'met' a fellow Arkansan this month, and he invited me to join the All Arkie Army. This a blog of all Arkansas writers in one place, and a way to keep in touch with everyone in the state. Come take a look!

Many thanks and mountainous appreciation to my frequent flying readers and visitors and commentators. You are the life of this Bumpy Path!

OK, off and running to stumble and trip over a few more things in August! You're coming along, aren't you?


  1. Heh! Well, I'm sure we all appreciate the plug for the All Arkie Army. Yes, we'll be a force one day!

    The Natural State Hawg

  2. I've been a little absent, with barely time to post on my own blog. Sorry I haven't been around, but I'll catch up. :)