Which One Do I Pull?

Hi! You're early a bit. I was just putting the finishing touches on the bowls of chips and salsa. Have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

So, did I get you lost with my directions? I know it's not every day that someone tells you to count fence posts and take a turn before the pine trees, but as you can see, that's the best I have to work with way out here. What's that? Oh, you found the dog toy I've been looking for. I bet that didn't feel too good when you sat on it. Just throw it on the floor.

Ah, finally off my feet. Oops! Feels like I found the other dog toy. Yep, I did. Now the two little dogs won't fight over them, if I'm lucky. Boy, do they ever remind me of our candidates!

Oh, I know! I saw that commercial on CNN too. I thought it was pretty crude to use black and white dogs. That dog wasn't white? Oh, gray hairs. It never crossed my mind to think of that. Once I saw his 93 year old mother at the convention, I knew it would be years before old age set in for him. But, they hit the nail right on the head by using dogs -- that's exactly what we have to choose from, don't you think?

I caught the tail end of O'Reilly Factor the other night and didn't see all of what that guy had to say. Was he any good?

He really said that the White House has to put words behind actions? What a novel concept! All I know is that they'd better think twice about Iraq and how they handle it. I think it's possible that if we leave Iraq, we'll have much bigger problems having to deal with Iran. You're kidding me! That guy said that too?

You know, it's getting to be so difficult remembering now which of what I heard was just rumor or if it was fact. There was something I thought was a good point about Palin, how being such an ultra conservative that thinks only preaching abstinence to her kids will stop them from having sex and wanting to ban abortion and all that and here she is with her own pregnant teenager. Sure, it's great that she loves her, but that doesn't change the fact that teen pregnancy is a big problem, and she has proof right in front of her face. If her way of thinking didn't work with her own daughter, what makes her think it would work with anyone else's daughter?

No, I'm not pro abortion. I'm pro choice. There's a big difference. If you give the right education at the right time and provide all the options, chances are no teenager would feel so helpless and hopeless about what to do and what her choices really are. It's bad enough dealing with the raging hormones at that age. Knowing all your options makes it easier to think things through, and having an abortion or not wouldn't then be the only choice to make. And no, I'd never have an abortion myself, but I damn sure wouldn't think the way I think about it gives me the right to take away someone else's choice. That's just wrong!

What? Obama's race? Yeah, it'll be an issue, and perhaps the one that will be unpredictable right up until all the levers are pulled. I know it feels that way for me. I mean, I have no problem that he's black, but that's not to say that a lot of other people don't. And then how effective would he be as a president with so much to work against? His race has turned usually Democratic southern states to Republican. Anyway, he'll have more than just the ire of the racists in this country to deal with, but the ire of all the rest of the world too. That's one heavy load I'm not sure any one man could ever handle, no matter what color his skin.

The things I'm looking for in a leader are totally missing in the two candidates we have to choose from. All this talk about change, and neither one of them will stand up to the establishment, the wealth of Big Business, and return this country to the people. Who knows? That may not even be possible to do. But, I'm sick of working my ass off to make someone else rich. Yeah, I know. I've been harping on that same thing for a long time.

I see your point. I thought for a long time that it would be more a race between vice president candidates than it would be between the two actual candidates themselves. But then Obama chose Biden and McCain chose a fundamentalist.

And that's my point. I like this about this one, that about that one, but neither have enough pros to outweigh the cons.

You know what would work? If they both were elected president. Yeah. They'd keep each other deadlocked for the entire four years, wouldn't they. So, that means we need an argument tie breaker. How about making one of those other parties president too, just to be the tie breaker. That could work!

No, I know it would never happen. Throw that baby right out with the bathwater. Might as well throw the economy out too.

How can you tell that what you heard is fact or lie? Even the media can't get down to much of the truth, and neither can investigators.

Do you really think what you see on TV is who that person really is? Oh, I don't. They are coached and taught how to read words written by someone else, they're given lessons on how to make the right gestures at the right time, when to smile, when to frown, probably even when to fart. People dress them and plaster makeup on their faces and fuss with their hair constantly. No, until I see one of them with morning pillow head, I know we're not even close to seeing who these people really are. Not even close.

I'm no more decided today than I was months ago. When I walk into that booth, I don't think I can honestly vote for either one.

What's that? Vote against? I suppose you're right about that. But still, I'm back to weighing things out, and neither has fewer negatives than the other, so I can't even decide who to vote against!

Hey, will the booth let me not vote for neither one? I know there's "yes" levers, but are there "no" levers too?

Who are you going to vote for? What? You don't know either? How are we going to do this? It's time to go vote now!


  1. Do you truly believe the Palin / abortion rights thing is even an issue? Do you really believe that even if she wanted to wipe it out - she could?

    It is a touchy issue but no one person is going to change much about it after all these years.

    I was married at 17 (no, not because I was pregnant)and managed to stay (fairly) happily married for 8 years. So, the way I see it - concerning Palins daughters pregnancy - 17 is an adequate age to say she is accountable for her actions.

    JMHO - cheers!

  2. I'm not so sure that it's an 'issue' so much as it is an indication of rigid thinking, maybe. I admire her spine, but then again, it's not about the VP picks, and why the people have fallen for her as much as they have.

    Accountability is an issue, that's true.

    Thanks for your input! I appreciate other points of view in this because really, I haven't been able to decide how to vote!

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