It's the Little Things That'll Get You

Why? Because they do mean a lot. Sometimes, it's just not in ways that you'd expect.

Like this coffee maker. I have been obsessing about getting one of these for months. Most of the time, I was able to forget about it, even when I walked by the stack of them at Wal-Mart.

Don't get me wrong. My old el-cheapo, $19.95 Mr. Coffee model was still going strong after four years, so I didn't really need a new coffee maker. I mean, the old thing was stained but the carafe was still in one piece, so I hadn't gone without coffee - ever. Dangit!

I once had a Ford Escort that was like that. That stupid car would not die and give me a reason to get something else. It was a boxy looking 4-door that was too heavy for its itty-bitty engine, and the stupid thing wouldn't get out of its own way. No risk of speeding tickets in that dumb thing. I still have nightmares about that car-that-wouldn't-go-away.

Yesterday, I could resist no longer. I bought the brew station coffee maker. It is cool! Where the old, stained Mr. Coffee sat is now the bright, shiny, new brew station. Ah.

Oh my, the coffee tastes so good!

Now I have to find something else to obsess about. Things just ain't normal without it. Any suggestions?


  1. You've changed things around! Looking good! I've been just reading your feeds lately, and didn't notice. :)

    The little things do count. I can't think of one little thing I had gotten lately, as they all seem too big to be called little things. Like getting my dog registered to Aussie register, even though there might not be any use for it in practice...

  2. Hi Sebbie!

    I'm glad the things that set me off nowadays are little things - it's a lot less expensive! A coffee maker I can afford, a car, um, nope, not at this time.

  3. My husband and I have to have something to obsess about... or search for... all the time. LOL!

    That looks like a handy dandy coffee maker, but I lovelovelove my Krups FMF5. Wouldn't change for anything.

    What will you obsess about now? :)

  4. I don't know! I need to find something new. I was hoping you'd be able to help by offering up some suggestions! LOL

  5. I had to return to this post. We just got ourselves a new fridge. The old one was so loud that we couldn't carry on a conversation if the other one of us was in the living room and the other one in the kitchen, which are right next to each other. It would make a horrid noise the whole time, and I think I got quite stressed about the noise really. At night when we finally got into the bedroom it was a blissful silence - only with the doors closed though!

    Right now I am just listening to the silence of the new fridge. It makes a gentle humming sound, and I am unbelievably relaxed. I have given the new fridge a few big hugs, and we even named her: Florence Fitzgerald, the Fridge. :D

  6. Sure, that will make a huge difference for you. My son and I always get irritated with each other when we have to repeat what we say, and it happens all the time here.

    Go ahead and give Florence a hug from me too!