Spreading the Love in a Big Way

I just discovered that Grandy at Functional Shmunctional has awarded me the "Super Blogger" award!  Thank you, Grandy! Grandy is recovering from some pretty heavy-duty surgery and writing through the haze of her pain meds, but she's a trooper and coming along slow but sure.  Drop by and say "hi."  It helps her feel better. It really does!

A few weeks ago (my, how time flies!), Romy at The Lighter Side sent me the "I Love Your Blog" award. Thank you, Romy!  Forgive me for just getting around to posting about it now. Romy's fantastic children got her into blogging, and I must say she does a wonderful job. Give her a visit.

To pass these awards on, I'd like everyone that I've dropped on with my A Bumpy Path or eyebald card to choose one or both as an extra token of gratitude for continually being way too cool to miss. You see, to get a drop from me means that I truly do like and enjoy your blog. It would be agony for me to have to choose! So please, grab the graphics and spread the love!


  1. Aww, congratulations on this one. I've gotten it, too; awards always make me feel good.

    And thanks for the kind words you left me on my blog this morning. It's a kind of big and scary decision to self-publish; you've made me a lot more confident about this choice.

  2. Yes, I think awards are great. That's why I want everyone to have them!

    Susan, good luck with your book!

  3. I don't have an award for you but I l <3 your blog too!

  4. Well deserved awards indeed, Theresa!!

    Thanks for all your well wishes. ;)

  5. I picked up one of them -- http://naturalhawg.blogspot.com/2008/10/little-business.html

    I said nice things about you, too, Theresa ;)

  6. Deanna, always good to see you! Thanks!

    Grandy, I hope you keep getting better and better!

    Hawg, I have yet to see it, and I'm heading over to Little Business soon. And there's your clickable.