Fall Back to November

Today's fiery sunset was a perfect adios to daylight saving time. That's a big hint for me to get back on a more normal sleep schedule so that I can be awake for the fewer hours of sunshine. I'd say the month of October was another big hint to make some changes too. Sigh.

With no further ado, let me thank October's top droppers:
I've found that Blogger's "Follow This Blog" comes in pretty handy when I want to quickly see if any of my favorite blogs have posted since I last visited. I've also added the option to Follow This Blog in the middle sidebar.

Speaking of sidebars... I've rearranged my sidebars a bit. Now, the center column is all "social" stuff like EC, the latest droppers, my list of favorite blogs and links. The far right column is all the stuff related to finding what you're looking for on A Bumpy Path. I hope these changes make it easier for you.

In an effort to keep the download time of this blog as low as possible, I have been using the article snippit with a link to the full post. Some people seem to dislike that and won't bother to click to read. (I have to work on writing better headlines!) What I've started to do is show the full latest post, only changing it to a snippit and link when I put up the next new post. That seems to be working very well for both you and I, so I will continue posting in this way.

Happy November!


  1. Theresa, have to say I am in favour of the full post. I would always click anyway, but it just makes it easier. Question-why do you US brothers and sisters alter your clocks after the rest of the world?

  2. Hi Mike! I'm happy to hear that you are a clicker! LOL

    I think we're a day behind because of the international date line - ? I'm actually surprised to hear that other countries do the daylight saving time change too. I'm clueless!

  3. I do agree that you have the balance right - full post for the most recent one suits me perfectly. If I've missed anything I'm happy to click but I do like to see the current post in full.

    I don't know about Thailand, but we in Europe fell back last weekend. I'm told Egypt did last month. It would be so good if we could co-ordinate in some way!

  4. That was a lovely sunset, Theresa. We've had some spectacular ones lately here.

    Thanks for the link love! It's my pleasure to stop in and drop (almost?) daily.

  5. A, maybe Talen from Thailand Land of Smiles will stop in and tell us how it is there. I wasn't even aware that other countries besides the US did the time change thing, and it surprises me even more that Egypt is one of them!

    Susan, always good to see you! I visit you on an almost daily basis as well, but I have a feeling you have many, many more visitors than I do, so I probably don't show up in your stats. I love your writing! Thank you for not only dropping so much on BP, but becoming a part of the scenery around here too.