Taking Nominations Now!

We are having so much fun over at the All Arkie Army! You've got to see some of the stuff my fellow Arkansans have come up with lately. Ooo boy, I love heated discussions, and the Arkie Army has them. Lots of them.

One of the things we do on a regular basis is nominate our favorite blogs to award them a grand token of our appreciation for the insightfulness, insights, insighted humor and foresights. We throw them into the hat, and then vote, and out goes the awards to our favorite blogs.

The time is close to stick our hand in that hat, so get your nominations in so we can send out our appreciation and thanks to these fantastic blogs. Just do it!

UPDATE: The Arkie Army's award of Honorary Captain goes to pamibe and Dad - the Dude! Congratulations!


  1. Oh I do like Dad- The Dude.

    I like my award. I need to learn how to make a separate page for all my awards so I can put them on there. I don't know how you have all your stuff on a page and yet your site doesn't look cluttered. Mine on the other hand...hmmm... cluttered like my house. ;)

  2. Those two sidebars are the trick! I used to only have one and a bunch of stuff along the bottom. At first it was cool, but it got old.

    I don't think your blog looks cluttered!

    Glad you like our honorary Captainship! We have a lot of fun with the Arkie Army.