Thanksgiving Dinner

Out and about today, visiting the three places around town offering a free Thanksgiving dinner, I met some really nice people. At my first stop, a church, I found this little girl, concentrating so hard on doing a good job dishing out macaroni and cheese. She's 7 years old.

My next stop was a volunteer fire department out in the country. The firefighters wanted only a photo of the Women's Auxiliary, though the women didn't take long to let me know that the firefighters themselves did most of the cooking. They fixed me a plate of "finger food" to go, wouldn't let me turn it down, and I had the best ham and turkey I've ever had driving to my third stop.

My last stop was a popular coffee house in the middle of downtown. I suppose many coffee houses are like this one, but I hadn't seen once since leaving NY. The place was huge and had rock climbing and miniature golf right inside. The owner made me up the best frappuccino I've ever had.

Rumor has it that the food pantries ran out of food days ago. Yet, even though there were no strings attached to any of these free Thanksgiving dinners offered today, none of the three places were busy. At the church, there were five tables of people eating. At the fire station, only a few people were there, and they were mostly family. The coffee house had no one at all while I was there.

I don't know why that would be. The only thing I could figure was that most people, needing a good meal or not, have this pride thing going on that stops them. I can relate - I suffer the same foolish pride.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day! 

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  1. For the last twenty years here in Conway, Catherin and Bob Blankenship have organized a Thanksgiving dinner for those who perhaps don't have family to celebrate with.

    I have worked in the kitchen a time or two, along with my wife.

    And like you said, though it would be steady, it was never truly busy.