Iced In!

This is the view from my front window. Arkansas was blasted with ice across most of the state last night. Yes, that's ice on the driveway, not snow!

It's so cold! The furnace has been running non stop for hours now, and even though I have on two pairs of sweats, a heavy sweater under a sweatshirt and, heaven forbid, socks on my feet, I'm still cold. I don't like wearing socks, but I like cold feet even less.

Odin crunches on the ice when he walks by my window, his mane a mass of ice strands. He's made a few runs around the pasture, bucking and rearing and running like his pants were on fire. Awesome sight to see. The two little dogs, who have never seen ice or snow before, tip toed quite awhile before trusting what they were walking on, then romped around as usual. The two older dogs went out and came right back in; too cold for them to want to be out.

And me, I just watch from the door or window, not even sure I could layer any more on to stay warm enough to be outside. The schools are closed and just about everything else too, and the only vehicles I've seen go by are kids on ATVs.

I had to drive in that ice last night, and hope I don't have to tonight. But, you know I will if I have to cover a story. Right now, I don't think I'd trade my four-wheel drive truck for anything!

I could use more milk for hot chocolate. I was resisting it, but now I think it's time to just hole up and hibernate. I'll get more milk when it warms up again. Brrrr...


  1. You too, eh? It must have been a state wide storm, as we are iced in as well here in central Arkansas.

    As for me, I have on shorts and a short sleeve shirt, as usual. Socks and tennis shoes too.

    I have cabin fever, and want to get out and go for a run. My wife may not like it, however, if I fall and bust mah you know what, and she has to drag me back to the house by my ankles.

    So I may workout on our covered patio instead.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yup, that sounds incredibly cold! Cool picture though. The temp here has been up and down in such a sickly fashion I'm not sure what to wear anymore. I wish it would just settle one way or another. The constant fluxuation makes me nauseated.

    Odin is such a cool name for a horse, by the way. :) He needs a son named Thor.

    Stay warm!

  3. Paul, shorts and a tshirt?!? Are you nuts? I did convince myself to go a little bit ago. It was very strange - absolutely silent. The gas drill isn't drilling, the big trucks aren't running the highway 2 miles away, and the only planes I heard were ones way, way up there. Very...different.

    Hi Jack! It's good to see you here in my little corner of the world. I love your blog!

    I wish I had my camera with me when Odin was doing his thing, but I couldn't take my eyes off him long enough to fetch it. He looked amazing today!

    Um, when Odin was 7 months old, I made sure he wouldn't be able to produce any baby Thors! I may think he's gorgeous and would've loved to see if he could pass his looks on, but to be honest, he's not breeding quality. He's just perfect to me.

    Moving around has been helpful in the staying warm part of the day. I wish I had figured that out sooner!

    Thanks for stopping, Jack, and come by any time!

  4. Ah, Christmas in Australia. It was 85F today. I think I'll BBQ tonight. ;)

  5. Oh, that sounds good right about now, Stefan! I take great comfort in the fact that the winter here isn't long at all, and that I'll be enjoying warmer weather again....oh, by Friday, according to the weatherman!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hey Theresa :) Yeah, I poked around on here earlier for pictures and found some; quite a charming looking fellow! He may not have a son due to being fixed, but perhaps a little brother named Thor in his future? Technically Thor was Odin's son, but who's keeping notes anyway. :D Thanks for the welcome!

  7. You're back, Jack!

    Odin is a lot of horse, that's for sure. And, he's my baby, so to speak. I always find it amazing to be around him - I enjoy him that much. Someday, maybe, I'll get another horse.

    Hey, you're always welcome here!

  8. Hi Theresa, sounds quite Nordic (Odin etc), like Stefan I will be on the beach on the 25th!
    Hope you Thor (thaw) out before then.

  9. LOL You're funny, Mike. You and Stefan can both rub it in when I complain about the heat in June and July too.

    My son came up with the name "Odin," from Norse mythology. Odin had a 12-legged horse called Schlepnir, and was the basis for the Santa Claus and his 12 reindeer myth.

  10. A friend of mine lives near Little Rock and she said they sent her home from work that day. I hope the weather is being nicer to you today.

  11. The weatherman says to expect 67 tomorrow, but that will be a lot of luck. I think we're in the low 40s right now, with lots of water standing on frozen ground. Strange stuff...