Lighting the Night

This has always been a tough time of the year for me, and melancholy prevails. Yet, there is no denying the splendor of a 60,000 strand illumination (above) of a college campus, or the fun and funny lighting of a park on a town's Main St. (below).
Someone said today that his faith in humanity and people was restored after witnessing help and time and work given from so many people to help one family. I documented that story, and that gentleman was correct. Though we are always hearing of the bad, there is as much, if not more, good happening, and it's all around us. While the neighbor on the corner decorates his home, he offers the beauty to everyone that passes by, and every "wow" is a moment of relief, pleasure, and joy at the sight. The good is there. We just have to choose to see it.

I'm determined. This year, I will not burrow down deep to huddle in my little life with the blankets over my head. Like on Thanksgiving, I will be available to the paper to document the events of giving that happens around here.That will be my contribution.

I will not let this holiday season be a tough one.

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