Wow... I Think

I will not.  I will not.  I will not start out with "I'm confused."  OK, sorry, I am confused.  A little.  I don't know what to think.

Actually, it's more that I don't understand.  Is that the same thing?

I just checked the Google PageRank for A Bumpy Path and eyebald.  Guess what?  They are both at 3!

That just doesn't sound so good.  I mean, if Bo Derrick is a 10, then I can accept that my body is a 3. That would be a most gracious rating.  At my age, the body is retired, see, with bikini days a thing of the ancient past.

But my mind still works!  My mind only rates a 3?

I think I'll take that 3 as an insult.

Um, what exactly does PageRank mean?


  1. Hi Theresa welcome to the club. I also look more of a 3 than a perfect 10 in my swim wear!

  2. Well, pamibe used to be a 5, then it was knocked down to a 0 and now it's a 3.

    Beannachd was a 3 less than a month ago but as of today it's a big ol' goose egg.

    I used to get upset about the PR fluctuations but really... how reliable can that be, when it runs so wild?

  3. Mike, I no longer own a bathing suit. Nope!

    Pam, mine have never fluctuated that I know of. Bumpy Path was at 2 forever, and eyebald had a no rating for the longest time. That they both ended up at a 3 surprised me. I am also not writing for search engines.

  4. As I understand it, 3 isn't bad at all.

  5. A 3's quite good. My old blog was actually a 4, but then Google called it a spam blog, too, so who knows? I'm currently a 3 and not complaining. Google can call my brain what it will; the truth is self-evident, ya know?

  6. Aw, spoken like a man who needs new glasses, Hawg! (just kidding!)

    Oh, I know, Susan. If you're not blogging about blogging or SEO, then you don't rank. Pah.

  7. I don't even know what is my page rank. I'll have to ask my techie wife - who is always a 10 in mah book!

  8. Ah, a man who knows just what to say. LOL Political Conservatives doesn't have a rank yet, and both you and Laura's blogs are at 3 too.

    Maybe it's an Arkansas thing?

  9. Well, its def. not a AR thing since everyone can read it. Maybe try to be more possitive. Kidding don't trip, but it could be anything I just don't know. Anyhow keep up the writing its good.