Go On Home

I don't get out much.

I actually like it that way.

Now that I'm "out in the world" again, it's hitting home hard just how much I never get out. I've found myself in some ....um.... strange-for-me situations lately, mostly when dealing with Joe Public.

Like today, for instance. This guy comes in that reminded me of this photo I found awhile ago. You can see just how outrageously ridiculous the guy is, and today, the man that came in was about the same as this guy in the photo - minus the tacky plaid. Instead, he had on a shiny, faux silk shirt.

Yep, I dealt with "Party Marty" today. To give the guy a break, I didn't jump to Party Marty right away. I held off as long as I could on that first impression thing. It was when he told me, "I think you need a nice, warm man to snuggle with" that I had no choice but to slam him into the Party Marty category.

What did I say in response? "Oh, you just go home!"

To give you a little background, I've never been good at knowing if or when someone is flirting with me. Plus, I figured now that I'm old, no one would flirt anyway and I don't even think about it. So, be honest with me: Was that flirting? Who would use such a lame line as that? What would you have said back?

I wish I could've seen the look on my face. Horror, surprise and skepticism, all at once. Then, I felt guilty. Right there before me was a person more a social bumbler than me. I've been outdone. Instead of being humble, I was horrified. Oh, I feel so ashamed!

Sorry, Party Marty. I have a headache.


  1. Theresa, the photo looks like Tom Jones!

    As for Party Marty and lame lines.

    Well I've used a few in my younger days with similar results-now I know what the women were thinking thanks to you!

  2. Tom Jones? Somewhat. I'm thinking this guy wants to BE Tom Jones but doesn't quite make it.

    It's funny - I just noticed the wedding ring.

    No, don't think that Mike - I tend to overreact to a lot of things. LOL

  3. I love the 'nobody would hit on me now that I'm old...' I'm the same way... So being totally unprepared for the unrepentant flirt is understandable. ;)

  4. It seems to always be the Party Marty's of this world who flirt so openly. He looks the part, however he is missing the gold chain around his neck. I got one the other day, but he said it so softly that I didn't hear him (at my age, my hearing is going), so I just walked away. Then when I got in my car I realized what he said--and I was embarassed. Most of them do this thinking (wrongly) that they have made an old woman's day! Yuck!

  5. Eww. Eww, eww, eww.

    "Sorry, Party Man, I have enough batteries I don't need to snuggle with a man."


  6. @ Pam - I should've waited until today to write this post. I got hit with another one today! YUCK!

    @ Jude - That certainly did not make my day! I started thinking I was really glad I don't have my name visible anywhere!

    @ Netta - LOL I'm set with batteries... Not that I wanted to even let my thoughts go so far as to think about that part of the game... LOL

  7. Not everyone can rock the casbah, T.

    For what it's worth, I'm pretty daft myself when a fine foxy chick flirts with me.

    By the way, look up 'Rock the Casbah' by The Clash on youtube. Great song.

  8. You, daft? That'll take a bit to sink in. ;-) LOL

  9. "I think you need a nice, warm man to snuggle with"

    "Groovy. Do you know any?"


  10. ROFLMAO! Good one, and one that I will remember!

  11. That's what you should have said, "I have a headache."


    Eat Well. Live Well.