Maybe It's the Rain

I found this photo of a sculpture by Tim Parkinson awhile ago. I think it's cool, and quite a hoot. I also relate to it, though I highly doubt my mouth and foot would ever be in vicinity of each other.

I'm looking at it now, hoping it will raise my spirits. I was just sitting here when a sudden wave of gloom and doom hit me. It has knocked the wind right out of me. I don't know what it means, if anything, but it sure isn't a comfortable feeling. Has that ever happened to you?

I don't know; maybe it's just the rain...


  1. I used to sit on the floor and bite my toenails (eyuck). Now I can't even get my right leg up over my left knee to cross my legs. The joy of aging.

  2. Gloom, huh? I get that every now and again but having to keep up with a couple of kids doesn't give me much time to dwell on it.

    In other words, I'm completely unqualified to give advice here.

    All I can do is pass on a joke to give to a colleague who is heading to northwest Arkansas. I told her to open with:

    "Northwest Arkansas sure has had it rough lately. I heard it was declared a federal disaster area. Then the ice storm hit."

    Heh, heh.

  3. Judy, I can't cross my legs anymore either! Funny you should mention that. LOL

    Hawg, you nut! Do you think your colleague's delivery would be as good as yours????? I sure hope it's at least close before she tries that joke!

    So, she's heading to Bentonville with all the recent layoffs at Walmart Headquarters? Hm, interesting.

  4. Theresa:

    She's heading to Fayetteville, actually. What is fascinating to me about the Wal-Mart layoffs is that everyone up there was convinced for years that the economy in the area was invincible. That's been called into question quite a bit lately, what with all the trouble Tyson's has been having since buying IBP, Wal-Mart laying off people, etc.

    Here's the most interesting thing -- the most stable employer up there is the University of Arkansas, but people rarely consider the economic impact the college has. Odd.

  5. I've always gotten the sense that colleges are strange entities - both from within and from the outside looking in. Once in awhile, the people at the top will venture off campus, but not often, and only when they think they can influence local politics. Colleges are their own little microcosm that only seem to give a passing nod to the rest of the world. I know the locals here rarely return the nod, so that economic impact stays as quiet as all the other things influenced behind the scenes. There's a private university here that pulls a lot of strings behind the scenes, with two state colleges that are more visible, but less controlling. It is strange stuff.

  6. You've never had to open mouth, insert foot? You must not talk alot LOL Thanks for sharing the picture!

  7. I hope you are feeling better Theresa and while I have never chewed on my toe nails I have figuratively speaking always managed to insert foot in mouth more times than I care to remember.