First Day of Spring


  1. Very Nice! I never thought we'd make it. . . seemed like a long winter.

  2. Thank you, David! We had an ice storm a few days ago, right after the temps went up into the upper 70s, that threatened these beautiful buds. That freeze thwarted the grasses, but the pear trees and these red trees managed to somehow make it through. Today, it's cold and raining, and I hope the buds can hang on just a little while longer...

  3. Theresa - Thank you for your contribution to life, liberty and the pursuit ofStimulus. . . I've added it and linked it to 'a bumpy path.' Hopefully the weather will warm up.

  4. David, I've never seen an A to Z posting before, so wasn't quite sure I had the right idea. Thanks for letting me contribute!

    Check it out, everyone: If the Walls Could Talk

  5. You did perfectly well. You're very welcome to add more if you;d like. . . I may have invented interactive a to z postings (at least I hope I did)- there are others on the site. . . a to zLove and a to zBlue. . . if you'd like to see those. There will be more in the weeks to come. I did a to zSky on another blog i have with a friend. Have a great Sunday.

  6. Theresa
    Beautiful flower.
    I can almost smell a fresh breath of spring from it.
    Can't wait for the lilacs to bloom.
    Keep up the good work.