One Small Change

What a gorgeous day today! Though more than a few people have written their displeasure about the change to daylight saving time, I am glad that it is here. It is another long-awaited change that signals the beginning of spring. To celebrate, I headed outside and took over 100 photos (thank the stars for digital cameras!).

The peepers are out making their peeping noises once the sun goes down nowadays, and since I have the perfect place for them on my land, I am treated to their sound nightly. It's to the point now where they are so loud that I can't talk on the phone while they are singing, making it impossible to hear. This year, the cacophony is spliced with the deep sounds of large frogs too. But, I've never, ever seen what's behind all that noise.

With camera in hand, I headed out to see if maybe, just maybe I could catch one of those noise-makers. Saki and Hiro seemed to thrill in the hunt for the unseen as well. The photo above is a good example of Saki's patience and concentration while he looks for movement in the water. Alas, no luck. None of us spotted a frog.
Jake couldn't be bothered with something as trivial as looking for frogs. He knows when I have the camera out too, and refused to look at me when he was out in the open. Nope. Not Jake. That look in his eye says it all. "When you quit pointing that thing at me, I'll come out, ok?" I'd lower the camera, and he'd come out into the clear. I'd raise it to snap a shot, and he'd dive behind weeds again. OK, weeds it is, Jake!
The day ended with an amazing sunset. The western sky was on fire. All along, the dogs were capering around doing dog things and the horse was walking around on his usual quest of finding something green. When I sat on the back stairs to take this photo, the horse was licking the salt block right next to me, and the dogs were laying at my feet. It was like everyone stopped to pause for this wondrous sight.

Another cycle ended. Another change happened. Life is filled with constant changes. The trick is to embrace them all.


  1. Theresa, welcome back from your time travels! Great sunset to finish off an enjoyable read.

  2. Hi Mike! No daylight saving in Thailand?

    Yes, I do love my little Wild Kingdom here... LOL

  3. Love those photos -- I see Jake is like my Lena, every time I try to get a photo she moves away.

  4. I know! And they say animals are dumb... LOL

  5. Theresa

    Your dogs are gorgeous, but that sunset photo at the end left me breathless. I remember a similar "breathless" sunset a few winters ago. We were on our property in the mountains of North Carolina and the sun was slowly setting behind the mountains in the not too far distance. All of a sudden the mountains turned orange themselves and the sky glowed with red and yellow patches. I stared in amazement and for those few moments I heard nothing, felt nothing and saw nothing but God's majesty. Your photo reminded me very much of that moment. Thank you.

  6. That sounds like one beautiful sight to see, Professor! I'm glad my photo reminded you of it!