Living Ethics: Confront the Ridiculous

Psychic Energy: lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge : immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force.

Spirit: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.

Matter: the indeterminate subject of reality; especially : the element in the universe that undergoes formation and alteration : the formless substratum of all things which exists only potentially and upon which form acts to produce realities.

Time is such a funny thing. It's ceaseless, it's endless and it's unforgiving. Of all that is life, humans are the most tied to time; perpetually tied to time through linear thinking. There is all the time in the world, yet time is limited.

In fact, time is running out.

Now is the time to confront the ridiculous.

Evolution is missing a link. So they say. In essence, that missing link is glaring evidence that the theory is not scientifically sound. Evolution postulates that intelligence is a random occurrence. At the same time, this 'random occurrence' appears out of nothing, and that is impossible. No thing comes from nothing. By its own rigid rules, science limits itself only to things that can be measured. Science has no idea how or why a physical brain can think, and therefore ignores the most significant aspect of life: consciousness.

If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

"God made us in his image, then we turned around and made God in ours" (Burt Wilson).

The last 2,000 years has been spent obscuring the infinite, transcendental divine principle, preventing every one of us from proceeding with spiritual development. We are asked to swallow such ludicrous postulates such as God created earth in seven days, God condemned anyone born to woman because Eve ate the apple (who made the apple?) from the tree of knowledge (and who made the tree?), and God punishes anyone who goes against His will. Perhaps the biggest chunk of ridiculousness - and requiring the largest leap of faith - is the theory that God sent His "only begotten son" (of the same substance? Not possible.) to earth to die a most horrendous, tortuous death known to man at the time! Any parent will lay down their own life for their children, without thought or reservation, yet that is not the way of the God we are all led by the nose to believe in. We should believe in a God that is morally inferior to us?

Since it is easier to envision than an abstract, infinite, transcendental principle, we adorn God with human attributes such as thought, action, decision-making, etc. "God is good," yes, by all means. Then why is God angry, judgmental, vengeful, deterministic? Why does God allow the existence of evil and an equally powerful Satan? If they are equally powerful, wouldn't they cancel each other out?

What kind of thinking existed before the last 2,000 years? Surely there is a wisdom, a logical way of thinking that is beyond this tangled, ludicrous way of interpreting our existence? Yes, there is, and it is ancient. And, it is still alive and well, timeless and as applicable today as it was 10,000 years ago.

Consider this:

No one has seen God. No one ever will. God is not of the same substance, so therefore, humans cannot "see" God. God is not an old man with flowing white hair and beard. God is not male. God is not female. God cannot see, hear, act or think. God is not Jesus. Jesus is not God.

God is infinite. Therefore, God is everything. Every thing. God is everything in our perceived existence. Everything is spirit-matter, a dual substance. One cannot exist without the other. It is animated and alive because of The Word and the Word is God, i.e., psychic energy.

We limit ourselves by our adamant refusal to consider anything beyond our very finite, very inhibiting physical senses. We are buried in our own physical being. We buried ourselves in our own physical being. How? We listened to those who said that "the church" was the only safe haven from evil, which by the way, the church created in order to instill fear in its followers. We bought into the premise that, in order to know God, we have to have someone else (priest, rabbi, minister) intercede for us. How is that possible? God is within us!

We, all of us, are drastically behind in our spiritual development. Yet, clues to freedom from misconception and misrepresentation exist within our own definitions, courtesy of Miriam-Webster, of key words: psychic energy, spirit and matter.

Isn't it time to shake loose from the shackles of blind faith that bind us?

Time is running out.

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  1. I wish I can offer something of substance; of ethereal proportions if you will, other than: Wow.

  2. "wow" works just fine! It's not an easy task to look closely at what most spend their life believing. That's exactly what needs to be done though. No way around it.

  3. I agree totally with your way of thinking Theresa and Bill thinks I'm nuts, but it really doesn't matter.

  4. I don't think it matters either. I think everyone has to glean the truth for themselves and go from there. It's not an easy task!

  5. OK I can. lol
    The Bible is a story.You have to understand, people in those days were not like the western world today and we still know nothing. Even science found out it teaches lies. Some things work here but not somewhere else.So there are no laws per se.
    And the Islamic world has been kept in darkness to keep people who think they have a right from God to lead. Ignorant people who don;'t care about their people.It will take more than this little box to explain everything.lol
    God is in you. God wants you to sit at his table as his equal. God gave you free will and knowledge to develop yourself because we wanted it when we ate the forbidden apple. Man still eats the forbidden apple.lol and God gave us guidance in the form of the 10 Commandments.
    Suffering makes you understand what compassion and charity are. Without suffering we'd all be like Marie Antoinette and let them eat cake lol.not knowing cake requires wheat like bread.

    God gave no man permission to lead.
    There is only one God and one shepherd.God doesn't need people to fight in his name.
    But he does want you to ask him for forgiveness and seek his help in search of answers to questions.Being close to him,you will find them. The answers will come to you.He wants us to understand because in understanding something is wrong,you will know not to do it on your own hence no need for laws.
    Its like studying. If you memorize you don';t really understand it and forget once the test is over. But understanding the material, leaves it in your mind for ever.
    To stop war we need to go back full circle.
    We need to put the two families back together because there are no famil(ies) plural. Its just one family. One chose to enlighten itself and the other didn't. So it steals, punishes and hides in the dark.

  6. God is not worried about Satan.
    Satan is no competition to God.
    Evil eventually self destructs.
    Evil cannot see its own image in a mirror.
    God tells you not to look at evil because then evil can look at you. God says don't invite the devil into your house because then he lives with you. And if you look at the world today most of these sayings are true.
    You have to know you are the person you are today because God has touched you and the people around you in some way. The young people of today don't even know his name so they destroy their own bodies instead to find feeling.
    An animal when it kills has no conscious thoughts about commiting evil. He lives and kills to survive.
    People were the same.To stop them from killing each other laws and rules were required and they were provided from above. Archeologists find evidenc written in stone all over the world. People seeing the same things believing the same things without ever having met each other.
    As humans we don't know anything. We don't know about different plains of existence or even if your dead parents are sitting right in front of you on top of your coputer.We have limits in vsion feelings understandings.....etc.. God doesn't. All he wants from people is to be good and believe in him and I don't think it hurts anyone to do this just in case.lol