Odin on the Move, and I'm Awestruck

When I go outside, my two yuppies, the two small dogs I have (with big cajones, they think) run to the end of the pasture barking away, trying to incite a riot with the neighbors' dogs. Today, all their bravado worked, and both neighbors' dogs came a-running. Brown, black, yellow and white big dogs came into Odin's pasture to meet the challenge of my mouthy, little dogs. But the one who made it an awesome thing to see was Odin who ran through those dogs and scattered them everywhichway.

It was one of those moments that unfolded very, very quickly. I had my camera bag in hand and rushed to whip it out. I managed to get three photos - far apart in terms of how the action unfolded. I'll be damned if I could remember how to set the camera to take a series of photos, so I had to wait each time for it to save and reset itself. While waiting, I'd watch Odin in all his glory and I caught myself, once, forgetting the camera!

Oh, the sight was breathtaking, heart stopping and exhilarating! That gigantic horse is raw power in the flesh! You feel the ground rumble with his pounding hooves!

Whistling for the dogs to come back, Odin came with them, and the above photo is his return to me. He was still head high and snorting and panting, and the dogs weren't too keen on settling down yet either. But one hand on Odin's shoulder and all four of his feet planted into the ground. His head was way up, he was blowing hard through his nose, but his feet never moved again until I took my hand off of him.

It was an extremely joyous moment for me, filled with wonder that one touch of my hand can control this 1,400 pound horse! I had to hold my hand on his shoulder, his head four feet above mine, for a lot longer than the situation required, just to triple-check that his feet were, in fact, in my control. Those feet never moved!

When I took my hand off his shoulder, Odin circled one more time, at a much slower trot, and came back to me. His own biggest defense of his feet and his ability to outrun most things serve him well, but mom here can control the dogs that drive him nuts! Soothed and calmed just as quickly as he was hot and bothered, Odin's head goes down and he's back to grazing.

The moment was over. But, my heart is still racing!

I put the series of photos on Out in the Back Yard, if you'd like to see them.


  1. These moments are to be treasured! When we forget about what was, what will be or what should be... and just experience what is happening right now. I love the way you described it!

  2. Sure! I'm thankful for my camera every time I take it out. I've missed a lot of chances to get photos of Odin running around, and finally did...

  3. 1400 lbs of horse? Theresa! The last time we put a weight tape on Odin he was over 1,800 lbs! If hes lost any weight it hasnt been 400 or more pounds worth. Hes still as fat as his hide should hold, and you could still roll an egg down the crease in his back. Im sure the ground does rumble! lol!

  4. You're funny, Karen, and you're also full of goop! LOL Back when we did the taping, he was 1600, not 1800, and I bet you that he did lose 200 pounds! Shoot, I've scaped off 100 pounds of shedding hair!!