Sucked Into Facebook

I've had a Facebook account for a few years, and never bothered with it. I couldn't figure out how or why it would be useful to me, and it is so ugly to look at that I just let it sit there.

A few months ago, a friend created a Facebook account and uploaded a lot of her photos, and we both friended another we had worked with, and my list of friends started to grow a little. The author of my favorite book is on Facebook too. But, I still didn't always remember to check Facebook for updates. Weeks would go by between logins.

I see that the teenagers sure have a great time with it! One girl posts a blow-by-blow of everything she's doing, including petting her dog and cleaning her bathroom. It's an interesting view into the mind of a teenager, that's for sure. Life is never boring for them, and you can tell because it's all right there on Facebook!

Last month, after the shooting in my home town, I talked to many people that I hadn't in years, and realizing how much I missed them all, I got a wild hair and invited them all to Facebook. Life hasn't been the same since!

Now, I check Facebook several times a day. I even have the Facebook app on my iPhone and check it when I'm away from home. I never thought I'd say this, but I look forward to getting poked! Instead of using email, several friends use the messaging within Facebook to keep in touch. And, reverting to my own teen-hood, I sometimes take a photo with the iPhone and upload it to Facebook, to illustrate what and where I am at the moment. I even upload a lot of the photos from Out in the Back Yard, though I couldn't tell you why. They look so much better on the blog than they do on that crappy white and blue, sterile looking Facebook!

I so want to say that this is a good thing, I really do. But, it's beginning to feel just as horrible as it feels to wait for the phone to ring. I start to wonder and worry why a poke from a particular person isn't returned and messages aren't answered, and then do a happy dance when they are. I don't even want to talk about the anticipation of seeing just who is online to chat with!

If this is what Facebook is all about, then I'm doomed! Poke me back, dammit!


  1. I joined facebook a couple weeks ago only because I wanted to see Bill's SIL's baby picture, but didn't even invite him to be a friend so I couldn't see all of them. I tried MySpace to get in touch with old friends, but let that lapse also. I have no clue about any social sites any more and don't even turn on my msn messaging because too many people bother me. I really am turning into a hermit except my blog and leaving a few comments.

  2. I can relate. I no longer run my IM anymore either. If only I could cure my son of texting me instead of calling! I really am attached to the people/blogs I read regularly, the ones listed in my sidebar.

    Facebook is beginning to affect my point of view to the point where I'd rather check Facebook than sift through the headlines for eyebald content, and I put too much time into that blog to let it slip away.

    Sigh. I guess it would be better if days were 36 hours long instead of just 24...