It's All in the Contrast

There's a reason why people come into your life.

No matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, every encounter is an opportunity to learn. It's a chance to expand your perspective, perhaps find an answer to an old nagging question in your mind, or maybe to increase awareness about yourself. It's a chance to compare and contrast, to confront the old and replace it with new.

It's easy to miss these moments that are loaded with opportunity. But, it's all there, waiting for you to open yourself up to them. Life will give you an infinite number of chances until you do. Some of these lessons are tough ones, filled with pain and anguish. Some of the lessons point out the things you need to work on. And some are overflowing with joy. All happen for a reason. It's what you need at that moment to grow, to become more alive.

Once you choose to open yourself up to all that life offers you, the contrasts become more apparent. While looking through the lens of a camera, vision is limited to the tiny frame that eliminates distractions and enhances the details that were all but invisible before. Those details are the life, the nuts and bolts, the particles that all work together to create.

The photo captures the creation. It is beautiful and intricate. It touches the soul.

Then, another takes that photo and enhances it by adding even more, adding a different perspective, adding a piece of self to the beauty and intimacy. It is no longer just a photo. It is nature in all its wonder, it is the inseparability of all illustrated in one captured moment. It is two together, as one, creating much more. It ignites the spirit.

Does the fear of pain and anguish prevent you from experiencing the rest? It's the contrast of pain and joy that pushes open the curtains you hide behind. Trust yourself, you are strong.

You are never given more than you can handle.

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