Tell Me About You

"So, tell me about yourself."

Tell you what about myself? Where should I start? What do I say? runs through my head in no particular order, in a panic, trying to glean from the facial expressions what's expected of me. As many times as I've been asked that dreadful question, I have no recollection of how I ever answered. I was always too busy stumbling and stuttering; so I'd punt. Which means I'd fall back on humor, which never came out right. If I was feeling particularly cocky, I'd deflect with "What would you like to know?"

How do I reply? Should I say,

"I'm a brutally honest sincere old lady person that knows everything is wise and mouthy outspoken, who calls the kettle black says it like it is values honesty and hates liars. I'm a has been an accomplished musician, a struggling successful writer, a wannabe published photographer, who enjoys horseback riding when I can get my butt up there and motivating kicking people to strive for their best."

I inevitably roll my eyes hearing that fluff come out of my mouth. Oh yeah, it's me, but only a very small - and edited - part. Let me rattle on long enough, and I'm sure I'll put my foot in my mouth sooner or later.

It's the formal, "stuffed shirt" answers that aren't always the easy ones to come up with on the fly. "Canned" responses don't seem to fly either. Not for me. So much depends on the moment, the person asking, the setting, the distractions, the.... If I can get away with it, I'll change the subject.

How do you answer? Tell me about you.


  1. I seldom ever get that query any more, but I was always stumped especially when a potential employer would ask me that question and I would usually tell them what I thought they wanted to hear. I always hated when they would ask me why I wanted to work for them and how I thought I would benefit their company.

  2. I would consider that to be one of the most basic questions that are indeed difficult to answer..especially because you have to criticize yourself to answer the question.....I would say that some good personlity test taken hosetly should yeild some remote answer but nothin can take the place of your own thoughts.....so I would say THINK !!!!!

  3. I think I agree with Jude - no matter how much we think about the question, we try to fit it into what the person asking it wants to hear.

    I once took the Strong Interest Inventory to try to narrow down what I wanted to do. I rated highly in having the same interests as morticians!

    As for the personality test based on Jung, I rated INFP, which only 2% of the population shares with me. That is Introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving, I think. (Not sure about the "n") I do that often - rate highly in the "odd man out" categories. LOL