Odin’s Moments


Out of all the things in life, it’s being with Odin that brings me the most peace.

This evening, I set out with my camera to walk around and snap photos of just about anything that caught my eye. It rained earlier, and the ground was still too wet to ride. Odin didn’t quite know what to think about that. I’ve been going out every evening and catching him to either ride or just brush him out. For awhile, he just watched what I was doing from across the pasture.

It wasn’t long before curiosity got the best of him and he caught up with me as I wandered around. I’d stop to take photos, then walk away to the next thing that caught my attention. Odin would graze when I stopped, and when I walked away, he’d catch up and graze again. A few times, I got too far away and he’d give a few bucks as he ran to catch up again.

Every now and then, Odin would very gently and carefully come to stand up against me. I snapped this photo when something in the distance caught his attention while he was standing up close to me. Most of the time, he’d ask for an itch on his back or shoulder, then I’d walk away again. The pattern continued until the sun set and it was time for his supper.

The evenings belong to Odin. After he eats and drinks, he’ll ask for itches or just stand next to me to cock a leg and grab a quick nap. It’s usually dark by the time he walks away, signaling the end of the day. At peace, I head inside for the night.

I belong to Odin as much as Odin belongs to me.


  1. Evocative beautiful post. Thank you.

  2. Isn't that the way it should be, a mutual belonging. I think Odin just wants some company like everyone else.

    Great post, peaceful and relaxing.

  3. You're welcome, Virus!

    Eric, horses are herd animals by nature, and Odin is amazing that he's been kept alone for the most part. He and I are attached to each other, but in different ways. He can relax more when I'm around to watch out for predators, and I can bask in his warmth, his scent and his incredible strength. LOL

    Like I said, he is my peace!