Saturday Morning


After falling out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom this morning, very content that it wasn’t the irritating alarm clock that woke me up, I glanced out the window and saw the most amazing sunrise. With only one eye halfway open, I grabbed my camera, slipped into Crocs and headed out to capture the rapture.


As the sun came up, everything was quiet. The ground began to glitter as the new sun caught in the dew on the grass and the leaves of the trees.

Just as quietly, as if to savor the dawn as much as I was, a flock of geese flew overhead without the usual honks and squawks, and their formation as loose and relaxed as I felt. Mother Nature’s protective blanket was soft and warm.


Glittering and glowing, Saturday began. The dogs followed me as I wandered from sight to sight, snapping shot after shot. Odin flipped his head up in annoyance at a horse fly that landed on his rump, swished his tail furiously to chase it away, then went back to grazing.

I love sunrises, and love them even more after this morning. 50 photos later, the day brightening and waking up, I realized my hair wasn’t brushed, I was walking around outside in what I slept in, and I hadn’t had coffee yet. Both eyes now open, I headed inside to set the coffee brewing.

Before I could pour the water into the coffee maker, Odin came up to the back door and ran his nose across the glass. There he was standing with a branch caught in his mane, threatening to poke an eye. Safely removed, he stuck his head in the house to keep me company while I finished making the coffee. I had to pause once more to stop him when he half climbed up the stairs to come in the house.

The weekend began without the bustle or drama that greeted the weekdays. With relief, I know that the quiet peace of life will hold until Monday.


  1. What a lovely beginning to your weekend~ and you painted it so beautifully. Thanks for sharing that..

  2. You're welcome, Deb. I hope you enjoy your weekend too!