Update on Hiro and Thanks to You All

I stopped to see Hiro on the way home from work tonight. I have to say, the people at the vet are wonderful and everyone stops to speak to Hiro when they walk by his cage. They’re keeping a close eye on him..

When I got there, Hiro was coming out of anesthesia, and doing a lot of whining. That broke my heart to hear, but I was assured that it was mostly the drugs talking, not that he was in pain so much.

But he sounds like he's hurting, that's for sure. Not only did he lose his leg, he lost his cajones too. I had the vet neuter him at the same time he was removing the leg. I figured with only three legs, he's going to need to lose some of his ...confidence... to survive now. In other words, he needs to stay close to home instead of agitating the big dogs in the neighborhood that he'll no longer be able to run away from.

Um, it was tough, really tough to see Hiro like that. The incision is a big “L” on his shoulder and down, ending right at his armpit. It doesn’t look right, and it’s a shock to see.

Yeah, he was groggy, but he knew me and tried to crawl up into my arms, but didn’t have the coordination, probably because of the drugs. He’s on IV fluids or I would’ve brought him home with me.

When I was there, I didn’t think to take a photo. I’ll spare you the graphics!
I can’t help but feel like I betrayed him, like he trusted me to keep him from harm and instead I caused him more harm.

I want to thank everyone, here and on Facebook, for all the prayers, well wishes and support you’ve given me. You’ll never know just how much it means to me.


  1. Poor little guy and poor you, guilt sucks and Hiro is lucky to have your Love.I have also felt my share of guilt over my Shadow falling down the steps.

    Some stupid redneck down South shot my son's dog many years ago on purpose Eric was 8 and he got his Daddy's small rifle and was going to go shoot him.

    I certainly hope it wasn't done on purpose I'd hate to think you live around someone that heartless. You and Hiro have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read your post the other night.

    I hope the neutering helps. I know I had Shadow done as soon as they dropped and he has still always thought he was the big Kahuna. Try to have a restful weekend.

  2. That had to be hard for Eric, and I can sure understand his reasoning behind grabbing his Daddy's rifle...

    I don't think it was done on purpose, though I have to say that the neighbors have the right to shoot any dog that comes on their property. The vet said he thought it was a ricochet though, so if it was on purpose, they're not a very good shot! Hiro had a nasty habit of doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and didn't bother to listen much. If he wasn't so lovable too... So, I'm taking the time now to patiently teach better manners.

    Thanks Jude, for all your support and thoughts!

  3. Just checking in on you and Hiro, I like the name. By the way I'm so happy I didn't listen to the people that told me I should put Shadow down because he is flipping himself over now instead of me having to turn him and last night I put him on the little wooden contraption we made him and he was actually trying to walk instead of just hanging there all limp. I'm thinking the discs are trying to heal some. He was so proud of himself. Have a good Sunday Theresa.

  4. Something tells me Hiro is taking it easier than you my friend. Remember ...dogs are far more loyal and forgiving than us!

  5. That's some major strides for Shadow to make, Jude! I had a friend call me earlier, and she said I should've just put Hiro down instead of "wasting" all that money. She said she'd give me another dog. It wouldn't be the same. I am a bit more attached than that! It's not like Hiro can be replaced. I bet you feel the same about Shadow. Dogs are family!

    Rebecca, I hope you're right about the forgiving part! I think that Hiro is enjoying his new role as the "house" dog that is with me constantly. And, he is doing good. Whew!

  6. Theresa - what a shame for Hiro to get so badly hurt. You did the right thing by far.

  7. Thank you, David. I sure do hope I did the right thing.

  8. Oh wow....your poor dog. What a shock to you, I'm sure. I can't imagine having to have a dog's leg cut off. The poor guy. I know he'll adjust because dogs do that, but it still has to be so hard!