Head to Wal-Mart For Your Casket


From the realm of the ridiculous, the largest retailer made an announcement today that is sure to add to the giant’s coffers; that is, if anyone can get beyond the issue of the bad taste left in their mouth.

The world's largest retailer wants to keep its customers even after they die.

Wal-Mart has started selling caskets on its Web site at prices that undercut most funeral homes, long the major seller of caskets.

The move follows a similar one by discount rival Costco, which also sells caskets on its site.

Wal-Mart quietly put up about 15 caskets and dozens of urns on its Web site last week.

Prices range from $999 for models like "Dad Remembered" and "Mom Remembered" steel caskets to the mid-level $1,699 "Executive Privilege." All are less than $2,000, except for the Sienna Bronze Casket, which sells for $3,199.

Caskets ship within 48 hours. Federal law requires funeral homes to accept third-party caskets.

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The caskets ship within 48 hours? Does that mean you have to buy ahead and store it…where? In your living room? Undercutting morticians? Is that wise? And, just what kind of quality are these caskets and urns? Where are they made – in China? What are they made of? Plastic?

This is just one idea I cannot wrap my mind around. Discount caskets. Just what is the world coming to?


  1. EEWW!! This is just plain creepy. Although, for that hard-to-shop-for-person, you can always get them a Walmart giftcard for a casket.

  2. Interesting! Just what else they cannot sell in Wal-mart. Just a thought: for people who have their loved ones departed, shouldn't they need more specializing attention and be humanely care for? And now caskets can be purchased online in Wal-mart's site ... just like any product. Perhaps I am getting older but my thoughts are still pretty conservative; I found it a little disrespectful for the dead.

  3. Tahtimbo, you're funny! But, I think the giftcard idea just might work. LOL

    Boon, I too found it distasteful, disrespectful and ignorant of cultural norms. It's taking "cheap" way too far.

  4. Internet Caskets can be damaged by shipping long distance. Let's take Wal-Mart for example their cost for shipping the casket is $100.00 if you figure in the cost for shipping and sales tax the $895.00 casket is now $1,048.70 which is actually higher than what we charge for a similar casket. Now let's take a moment to discuss shipping, Wal-Mart says the casket is guaranteed to arrive if 48 hours, but what happens if it doesn't. The caskets are shipped by FedEx road truck and I am sure that most people have experienced a package arriving later than if was promised. What happens when a family orders a casket online and then places an obituary in the news paper with the date and time of the service and the casket does not arrive on time? This could be very embarrassing to the family.

    Because the casket is delivered by a third party shipper it brings me to my next point what happens when the casket arrives damaged. Every casket we receive from our casket supplier is delivered by the manufacture and is inspected by our staff prior to being received and signed for; I can tell you they have arrived damaged from time to time. What happens in this case is, we simply send the casket back and have the company replace it the same day and the family never knows about it. I am sure that we have all received a package that was damage and usually this is not a problem because you simply send the item back and have it replaced. The problem with a casket is how you replace the casket in time when the service is already scheduled. this is why you should purchase you casket from a local casket store. You can see what you are purchasing. The casket store can replace the casket the same day if it's damaged.