A Bonus Punch


These two guys (i.e., young men) came in today. They work for a lawn care service, and when I asked just how busy they were this time of year, they taught me a few things. They go around picking up branches, raking leaves, the usual stuff. But, they also said a lot of things grow in the winter, such as monkey grass.

Monkey grass? There’s something called monkey grass?

What they described sounded to me like fescue, which I have a fair amount of out in the pasture. Or, I thought I did. A woman listening in on the conversation suggested I Google “monkey grass,” and sure enough, there it is.

Learn something new every day, eh?

After a hectic yet rewarding day at work, I decided to brave stopping at the grocery store on my way home. I had to get dog food and bread is all, but I wandered around the store to see if anything would strike my fancy.

I always get the store-baked bread, and had to pass by a case of bakery goods that immediately set my sweet tooth a-craving. But, nothing in particular stood out until…

Banana pudding. Drool!

The cashier was this really young boy with his hair in his eyes, and it took all my self-control not to reach up and wipe his hair back off his face. Nice kid though, did his job, and at the end, asked me if I had a store shopper card. It’s one of those things you bring back with you to get punched until it fills up with holes and then who-knows-what-happens.

With his handy-dandy puncher, he’s knocking my new card full of holes, all over the place, in no particular order.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” he says to me, “you have a $50 bonus punch for getting that banana pudding!” Was that glee or sarcasm I heard? I’m not sure.

Way back when, you used to buy a little square package of Jello pudding mix, heat the milk on the stove, pour the mix in, stir for so many minutes, then pour into little dishes and stash them in the refrigerator to thicken while they cooled. What the end result was a thick, almost solid pudding with this cool skin across the top. Oh, those were the days.

Well, this banana pudding is nothing like that. It seems whipped, full of air, and of course, sugar. Tons of sugar. There’s a slight banana taste and these funky wafer cookies on top too.

But, I won’t complain. I got the $50 bonus punch!

Once again, I learn something new. When it comes to pudding, that $50 bonus punch ain’t worth it. Harumph.

Monkey grass and banana pudding. I knew there was a connection there somewhere…


  1. I have heard of banana pudding, of course, but monkey grass? Not until you mentioned it here. I guess I learn something new every day too. :)

  2. They mentioned something that sounded like pompous grass too. Even though I asked a few times for them to repeat, I still wasn't sure that that is what they said. Pompous grass?

    I've never heard of it before. My mind can no longer take learning too much at once.

  3. Theresa, Im glad you found the connection there at the end because I was wondering there for a minute what kind of smoke you were doping. lol!
    Pampas grass is that huge gorgeous grass you see around growing in 6-8 foot tall clumps with the white feathery looking tops on it. Ive planted it a number of times and so far no luck getting it to take off. *frowns*
    As far as bananna pudding goes, Id pick bananna creme pie over it any day. My mother used to make the most scrumptious bananna creme pie on the planet.