When Wonder Isn’t Wonderful


I wonder…

Duality is a given, a foundation of life. There is the most profound and wondrous duality of all of life: Spirit and Matter. It is wondrous, wonderful, a wonder.

Matter, the material, is the trap we’re born into, with lifetimes to learn how to transcend that trap, free ourselves to grow and become our potential. Many paths lead to this same goal; and just as many are detours, pits of quicksand, set there to suck up and devour any who choose that particular path, despite the infinite warning signs of gigantic leaps of faith needed to carry one over the traps.

I wonder…

When will the blind see and the deaf hear? Those are the ones that pound mercilessly on the table as they blast out their defamations as though they are the only ones with the right to judge, condemn and sentence, all in one breath.

Excuses abound. “I did this…” then “I did this again…” followed by “And I ordered this other to do the same too…” and finally, “and nothing worked.”
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein
The same man, different situation, and this time the venom and anger was reinforced as those around him egged him on until the tar and feathers came out. Once again, the loop is set to hang someone not there to confront his accusers and speak on his behalf. The group sucks up the venomous accusations of one, taking it all as fact when no facts were presented.

I wonder…

An amazing yet small group of people with the common goal of restoring historical buildings once a small town managed to create a small place sliced out of time. The small touches are numerous, though not always authentic, and the experience is a success.

Yet, one man in the small group seems to have forgotten the restoration part of the whole thing and loses himself within his love of trains. Model trains, that is, that run with electricity that did not exist at the time in history that his building, the train station, was in operation. Boys will be boys. But who will restore the majestic train station?

I wonder…

An announcement of a candidacy for a higher office came at a party given to launch the candidate’s campaign. The list of guests read like a Who’s Who article in the Sunday Times, and they all circled. Those that were there to promote their own face posed for photos every time a camera was raised. Those there to genuinely support the candidate shook his hand and admired his baby – and looked away when a camera came out.

One unknown man stood alone, staring into the gathering with both hands in his pants pockets. He never moved from his spot. Pulling him into conversation, his purpose becomes clear – he will announce his candidacy for the coming vacant seat left open. No one knew him, no one knew of him, yet there he was. What was the point?

I wonder…

Once again, the band-aids are out in force, this time in the form of gazillions of dollars thrown at a symptom instead of the disease. It’s like dribbling out yet a few more crumbs of bread that only extend the agony of starvation.

I wonder…

Is it truly possible to continue to walk through crowds of people that think nothing of their harmful, hurtful actions and behaviors and the quicksand traps they set for others? I must’ve missed that survival lesson along the way because my heart hurts. My heart hurts bad.

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