The World in My Pocket

IMG_0613 “I’ll do it on the Internet, on my iPhone,” he said to me with a twinkle in his eye. “I love my iPhone. I do everything on my iPhone. My computer is now just a standby. I’d rather use my iPhone.”

And I thought I was bad. But, I do know where he’s coming from. I love my iPhone too, but it has yet to replace my computer. Ever try to write an article on an iPhone? 

I’d probably get pretty good at it, typing away on the iPhone, if I had no other alternative. People get good at texting using 10 numbers on regular cell phones, right?

I do love my iPhone. It’s my computer when I’m away from my computer. I read email, text people, keep up with Facebook, keep up with my money, keep up with my schedule, and keep up with the news. I now read books on this handy-dandy little gadget of mine, talk on the phone, get directions to where I want to go, surf the Internet and listen to tunes. I tune my guitar with it, write blog posts with it, take photos with it and then fix those photos with it before sharing.

Come to think of it, I am going to work on typing on this iPhone of mine. I think it’s time to retire that old cliché of a Reporter’s Notebook and pen and save some trees while I’m at it. That should even make it easier to put articles together to submit if I managed to take notes already in digital format. The trick will be to get a lot better at typing on that touch-screen keyboard.

I sure would do a lot more with the iPhone then. Sure. If only the battery would hold up under all that use. Time to invest in a car charger.

Yep, I love my iPhone. It’s not that it changed my life when I first bought it. It took awhile to worm itself into my life. Now, I would be lost without it.

The world in my pocket. If only I’d quit jumping out of my skin every time the danged thing vibrated…


  1. Yep. It makes me jump too. But my world is definitely in my pocket. I use Remember the Milk for my Todo lists. My wife and I have synced calendars through MobileMe. All my contacts are there. I check movie times for when I take out one of my little brothers. I use it to pass the time in the doctor's office. I use it to scan my documents and store them. I even work on my blog drafts on it using the Wordpress iPhone app. I use it to...

  2. LOL I know what you mean! Even the iPhone's crappy little camera comes out more often than my good camera now. My excuse - it's too cold to take the big one out. Uh huh.