Arkansas, Buried in Snow!


As usual, I woke up this morning. Yep, I did. What wasn’t usual is that I could see my truck out the window before I turned the kitchen light on, and it was piled high with snow. Rain was forecast, not snow! A big, massive snow creature peeked in through the back door, and when I flicked on the outside light, there was Odin with his own pile of snow covering him. One good head shake, and the snow flew everywhere.

I went through my morning routine, got ready for work as usual, and waited for the sun to come up so that I could see what all was out there. To my surprise, there was already close to a half foot of snow, and it was still falling from the sky. I looked out at Odin and his winter coat was doing its job funneling the water off of him, but he looked drenched to the skin. I bundled up, threw his blanket over my arm, and as soon as he saw me, he came right up to me and stood still for me to put the thing on him. I knew it was bad then. Odin hates wearing his blanket!

The state went on its inclement weather policy, and I had the day off. I’ve watched the snow fall all day, and it’s still falling.


There are so many things just wrong with this picture! First of all, this is Arkansas! I’m in the south! There’s not supposed to be snow here! Second of all, this is February, and these little birds are all over the place. It’s strange to hear birds chirping away every morning, in February!


This little bird went back and forth from the ground to the utility pole while Hiro and Saki did their best to plow through the snow to catch it. Hanging out the back door, it seemed like the bird would decide to fly into the house to get warm too, so I didn’t stand there too long with my camera.


Bright-eyed little Saki did his best to keep his eye on that bird, and though he’s fast, he didn’t come close to catching it. The bird knew to freeze still and always took off when Saki looked in a different direction.
Saki and Hiro were born here in Arkansas, so they are just rolling with it. Odin, Jake, Chloe and I came from the north and have been enjoying snowlessness for the last 6 years. It took quite a bit to convince Jake and Chloe to go out to do their business, and I’ve only managed to convince them once so far today. Once was enough for me too.


The snow is wet, heavy and the type that would “usually” come in the last part of winter up north. It’s heavy on the trees, heavy on the fencing and heavy on the roads. Everything is drooping under the weight of the snow. The wind is supposed to pick up tonight while the temperature drops. It will all freeze solid.

I enjoyed the snow day off today. Even though I’m inside and warm with all my animals around, I am anxious about tonight and tomorrow morning. This snow storm is unusual, and would be unusual in NY too. Arkansas just isn’t equipped to deal with a storm like this.

It sure does make for some beautiful photos!


  1. Wow. Brings back memories, doesn't it? It is beautiful, but yuck. We've had snow here, too, but nothing like this. I don't ever want to lift another snow shovel as long as I live.

    Stay warm and safe, T.


  2. Being from a state where over a foot of snow is the norm, and people work and drive in the worst of blizzards, it is so interesting to see how different things are in the South. I have relatives in Arkansas, and heard school was out for three days.
    In Minnesota, I work outside many days when the temps are 20 below zero before they figure the wind chill, so this week when actual melting occured, it felt like a million dollars. Drifts in parking lots are still three sories high, but I gots me some spring fever !!

    Awesome photos ;-)

    .... and hello from SpeedyCat