Adding to the Flight Path: First Arkansas News

Back in March, I had a rather interesting adventure that I spoke about only briefly here. I do believe it launched a widened awareness of all things big and beautiful here in Arkansas. That adventure landed me on a US Air Force drop zone and gave me the unusual opportunity to experience first-hand the training our airmen go through in order to deliver mission critical supplies to our combat ground troops.

Just the other day, another adventure launched, this time in the form of an invitation to be a regular contributor to a new online publication called First Arkansas News, headed by the incomparable Ethan Nobles. It is exciting to be involved with this new source of Arkansas news and it has already grown in leaps and bounds since its inception a mere week ago.

The first article I submitted to First Arkansas News is the story of my drop zone adventure called "Overhead, a Critical Mission in Progress." Needless to say, the more I learn about our military, the more I appreciate the incredible dedication and valor of our armed forces. My words and photos only scratch the surface of what they do for us and our country.

So, take a look at First Arkansas News. Leave a comment or two. Most of all, be sure to bookmark it and come back often. I'll join you there.

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