All it takes is a few words

riverstonesI hope to paint a picture with fewer bristles and a lot less paint. It's comfortable for me to include as many observed details as possible to accurately convey the story. Now, I aim for that whole story without all the little details.

And that, folks, takes paring things down to the nitty-gritty, down to the bone, and building up from there. The power to tell the story lies within a few well-chosen, powerful words. All it took to boil back down to the basics was observing throughout a day or two how a few words here and there changed everything.

“I don’t care what you’re doing. I need this done right now.”

Oh, really? The audacity! Pfft. Take a hike!

“I know you can handle it and you’ll do just fine. But, if you need help, I’m right here.”

She only came for help two times, and for things that she was supposed to “bump up” anyway. And, she did a great job the entire day.

“We couldn’t do better, so we figured we’d join you.”

I was motivated by the need for safety, and quick and accurate information is necessary when the potential for a tornado is swimming around out there. I’m also terrified of severe thunder storms, so pecking out the updates kept my mind occupied and the terror at bay.

“Men aren’t interested in 50 year old women. He remembers you like you were 15 years ago, and that bubble is going to burst when he sees you are fat and old.”

Ouch! So, men are driven by the innate desire to procreate and ‘spread their seed’ in places that will fulfill that desire. Darwin was never a very romantic theorist. Can I be 100 percent sure that it all won’t turn out that way? No. But, a few words here and there from him give me hope. Those words are affirming. Those words from him make me happy and whole. Those are the words I choose to hang onto with all my might.

“That horse came up to you? Yes it is a big deal.”

Oh, so I can attract horses, but not men. Sigh.

“You just might see me at your door in June.”

You bet I’m going to hang onto those words. They scare the crap out of me, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather see than him standing in my doorway.

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