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There are so many amazing things, those stop-and-smell-the-roses moments that are uplifting and affirming in stark contrast to all the negatives floating around.

Almost an exact year ago, I took photos of these same flowers. They are unique in that there are only two of them growing close together on my whole property. They bloom, last about a week, then disappear. The pretty color is highly visible and pronounced amongst all the other colors still struggling to change from brown to green. I’ll mark my calendar for next year, the third week of May, to capture these lovely blooms once again. I was amazed to see them again this year.

It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to have a sort-of vacation. Five days off in a row! I’m curious to see just how I’ll use the time to myself and what I’ll actually do, if I choose to do anything at all.

I’m amazed at how Odin and I relate to each other. He keeps me laughing. When I rode him the other day, he decided he would bunch up and jump over a small stream running through his pasture instead of walking through it. I laughed and laughed. He jumped that stream three times. He spends a great deal of his time not too far from me. If I’m napping, he’s right outside my bedroom window. If I’m in the kitchen, he’s right outside the back door. If I’m outside, he’s either right there with me or within eyeshot. If I slip out of eyeshot, he greets me with a nicker when I come back into view. It’s such a joyous sound.

The dogs are much the same, always within eyeshot. It seems that all of my animals feel safe when I’m home with them. I have become their nucleus, their center. They certainly are mine.

I’m relieved to see the man I talked about in my last post visiting my office often. Not only did he come back on Tuesday, he laughed. It was a good, full belly laugh along with a twinkle in his eyes. He’s gotten to know a few more people in my office and now seems comfortable building his plan of action with us all.

I am amazed by the full moon that seems to be visible the entire day. It was beautiful last night to just sit outside with my animals around me, looking up at the moon and stars.

I am amazed by the soft feel of breeze flowing by my arms, legs and neck. I am becoming addicted to it and its gentle caress; so much so that I turn the fan on when I’m inside to enjoy the feeling as often as possible.

And, I am amazed at how content I am. Yes, I am content.

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