Caution: uneven lanes ahead


I lost my mind somewhere, and I have a feeling it took a jump off the bridge that I was taking this photo from. (This is facing east, going across the Arkansas River that separates North Little Rock from Little Rock.) This bridge illustrates perfectly what it feels like to have my mind go one way and my heart another. Discombobulating. If I recall, they call that being torn, right?

It’s everywhere too, like the world is mocking me. On the highway into town they’ve shaved off a few layers of asphalt, with one lane stripped and the other not. Nice little ridges are left for the sides of your tires to catch on and throw your car around a bit. One up, one down. Which lane is the one to be in? Bump up or bump down? Mock away, world. I’m still trying to figure out how a train can cross that bridge. They fly down the tracks, and somehow, that bridge doesn’t look like it would drop fast enough. I’ll get back to you about the lanes when I figure out the bridge.

Have you ever had that feeling?

I know what it is. The temps have been up around 100 degrees for three weeks now. I’ll blame it on the heat. The heat is discombobulating. Heh.

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