Spam comments anyone? Me neither.


A few months ago, someone from somewhere in Asia decided to start leaving comments on all my blogs written in Chinese with links to what appeared to be porn sites. Is that something you’d like to see here? Me neither.

So, I increased the security.  First, I enabled CAPTCHA. They must have real people behind all those spam comments because it had no effect. Then, I enable comment moderation. I kept getting the spam comments, but at least they weren’t ending up on my blogs. Persistent spammers, that is for sure.

Once in awhile, I’d find out that someone tried to leave a comment on my blogs but wasn’t able to because the embedded comment form didn’t work. When I saw those same complaints from other Blogger bloggers, I figured it was time to come up with a Plan B.

I ran into DISQUS, a commenting system, on a few tech blogs that I read often, and soon came to appreciate the functionality it gives to commenters, and I’m soon to find out what it will do for blogs.

The problems with the comments have gone on long enough to discourage comments here, and I hope this change to DISQUS changes that and recreates the open, active forum for discussion that I have always strived to achieve.

So, try it out. How does it work? Do you like it? Is it easy to leave a comment?

Let me know what you think~

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