A storm rolls in, then out again


It was a nice day, partly cloudy, the sun going in and out most of the day. It wasn’t quite as hot, in the low 90’s, and the humidity had dropped just enough for the grass to dry out enough to mow from yesterday’s momentary rain. I spent an hour and a half on the mower, didn’t complete the front part, but had to stop. I sunburned.

Then, out of the blue, up from the south (I’m facing east to take this photo) moving quite rapidly, a wall of thick, heavy cloud moved in and took a lot of the daylight out of the day.


Looking west, the sight was even more formidable, and terrifying. All those layers of cloud were moving in different directions and fast. Thunder and flashes of lightning came from this direction, pushing that wall cloud even faster over the horizon. The temperature dropped, the wind picked up and the clouds moved even faster. When the rain finally came, it pelted down in huge drops, hard on my sunburned arms.


As quickly as the storm moved in is as quickly as it left. The west was back to white, fluffy clouds with the sun peaking through. The retreating dark, threatening clouds were the perfect backdrop for an intense rainbow.

Everything is OK. The rain was much needed, and the dry earth soaked it up in no time at all. The grass greened up right away and the air felt crisp and clean.

Yes, everything will be OK.

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